“I would absolutely recommend Jan Marini Skin Research.
The reasons are science, support, and sophistication”.
– Robert Weiss, MD
Jan Marini has been at the forefront of transforming skin for 25 years. Her intention has always been to provide real solutions for common skin concerns.These solutions have the greatest value and withstand the test of time.
What makes Jan Marini Skin Research superior to other brands is their focus on providing products that truly have validation and exceptional results. The brand believes it is critical that there are studies and physician endorsements to support skincare products that are on the market. Jan Marini has had 5 studies published in the Journal of
Drugs in Dermatology.
“All I ever wanted to ultimately achieve is to transform individuals lives.
My favourite in the range is the Jan Marini Skin Care Management
System. It’s the 5-product basic program that treats appearance of fine
lines and wrinkles, uneven texture and sun-damage.”
– Jan Marini
In Australia, JM products are distributed exclusively by JMSR Australia, an independent Australian business owned by the directors of Erase Aesthetic Services Clinic in Melbourne. With more than 20 years experience in the retail medical aesthetic market – both service delivery and product distribution – they understand what patients and clients expect from clinicians and what clinicians expect from their suppliers. They’ve been involved with Jan Marini Skin Research for more than 15 years and work closely with Jan Marini and her team both clinically and strategically.
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