The only source of guaranteed genuine Jan Marini products supplied in Australia is via our official Australian page at or one of our Australian partner Jan Marini stockists. Please check for the “Authorised Australian Jan Marini Stockist” notification on the retailer’s website.

Any products marketed by Hong Kong-based businesses like and their cyber-agents and do not source products from Jan Marini Skin Research in San Jose.

Click on these links to read about growing concerns:

We receive many complaints from people who have purchased “Jan Marini” products from these sites only to find the product is the wrong consistency or texture, doesn’t work, is unboxed or damaged or is almost expired. We cannot support any purchases from strawberrynet or other such sites as they are not authorised distributors.

Third party sellers on eBay and amazon are also offering products of dubious origin and should be avoided.

Please don’t waste time and money shopping for Jan Marini online unless it is direct from us or one of our authorised Australian stockists. We guarantee these products will be genuine, unadulterated and direct from the manufacturer.

For more information on genuine Jan Marini products, please contact us directly


or on 1800 330 855