Why choose Jan Marini?
Published Studies

Real MD Skin Care with multiple
peer reviewed published studies on
actual products

Beyond the Gold Standard

Clinically proven to generate rapid and ongoing results 

Multiple Award Winner

More New Beauty awards than
any other clinical brand

JMSR is a global powerhouse in the medical-grade skin care market. Founded in 1994 by Jan Marini and headquartered in Silicon Valley in the US, JMSR's industry-leading research, experience and technical expertise are many years ahead. 

Jan Marini doesn’t sell to department stores, pharmacies or online platforms, only to our authorised clinical partners. 

Online sellers such as Hong Kong-based Strawberrynet and its affiliates do not source products from Jan Marini Skin Research.  Data analytics show what people search and if a particular brand is searched often enough, it will trigger a business case for offering that brand on the site. Because of JMSR's strict professional and territorial rules, a business like strawberrynet would never qualify as a stockist.

The message for your patients and clients is to beware of discounted online products from retail platforms selling multiple brands of all manner of consumer goods. We do not support those purchases and we receive many complaints about them. We do support YOU - our authorised professional partners - with every JMSR product you purchase from us and with every one of your JMSR clients.

We are passionate about education. Real education that empowers you to consult your patients and clients professionally, effectively and ethically. We provide an exclusive trade portal for stockists, which gives you access to all necessary documentation, comprehensive educational material and marketing support. Of course, our team of skincare experts will assist you every step of the way.

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